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Global Studies Latin America - Ohio University - Main Campus

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Bachelor

Global Studies Latin America from Ohio University - Main Campus is a Campus Bachelor Latin American Studies degree that prepares you for a Liberal Arts career. Knowledge of the interdependent world in which we live and work is essential to all citizens. Through pursuit of the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies degree students develop international competence which involves understanding other peoples and societies well enough to work effectively with them on a broad range of common problems. The degree encourages breadth and depth of language study and calls for the education and training of persons who are knowledgeable of history, world views and cultures other than their own. The Latin American Studies major promotes a greater understanding of Latin America through academic coursework, study abroad and language acquisition. At Ohio University nearly twenty-five faculty members from ten disciplines are dedicated Latin American scholars. The field work they conduct in Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Honduras, and elsewhere in Latin America has produced an impressive list of academic publications. The faculty?s research and experience in the region create an intellectual atmosphere where students are challenged to understand Latin America within a context of regional and global change. Opportunities Upon Graduation Our students are well equipped for careers with non-governmental and governmental organizations, multinational corporations, and think tanks, as well as to pursue graduate degrees in a related fields. View more details on Ohio University - Main Campus . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Latin American Studies courses.

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