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Latin American Studies - Ohio University - Main Campus

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Master

Latin American Studies from Ohio University - Main Campus is a Campus Master Latin American Studies degree that prepares you for a Liberal Arts career. This interdisciplinary program allows the student to explore the cultural, institutional and structural realities of Latin America in depth and is designed for individuals who wish to expand their expertise regarding this important world region. The program maintains solid teaching and library strength for both South and Central America and Mexico, as well as the Caribbean. It has strong institutional relations with???and faculty interest in??? Ecuador and Brazil. The program is also known for its strength in Central America where strong faculty interests and numerous publications are enriched by an outstanding library collection. The library features a large and varied microfilm/fiche collection of U.S. diplomatic records. The Latin American Studies Program is actively career oriented. Over four-fifths of its graduates find careers in or related to Latin America in areas such as teaching, non-governmental organizations, government service, business, and communication. The special, second Iberian language option, as well as the skills minor, greatly enhances graduate???s employment options. In addition, the program works to find its candidates Latin America-related internships in Washington, other cities in the United States, and in Latin America. Participation in internships is encouraged and earns academic credit towards the 70-hour graduation requirement. View more details on Ohio University - Main Campus . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Latin American Studies courses.

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