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Computer Programming - Alexandria Technical College

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Associate

Computer Programming from Alexandria Technical College is a Campus Associate Programming degree that prepares you for a IT career. The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees range from 64 to 85 credits and include at least 18 semester credits of general education. Students must select courses from at least three goal areas of the MnTC. Computer Programming students are provided with training on many different computers including personal computers (PC), large systems, and even PDAs (personal digital assistants like Palm and iPaq). Software development methodologies, data sharing, and database access are taught in at least three programming languages including Java, VB.Net, and C++/Visual C++. VB.NET and C++ are taught so students can work in PC environments. Java is taught so graduates have an opportunity to work on many different computer types. SQL skills will help the student bridge the gap between databases and computer programs. Project analysis skills, along with website design and programming will provide the student with a well-rounded understanding of a computer problem and the ability to make informed decisions on how it should be solved. View more details on Alexandria Technical & Community College . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Programming courses.

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