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Human Services Practitioner - Alexandria Technical College

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Certificate

Human Services Practitioner from Alexandria Technical College is a Campus Certificate Human Science degree that prepares you for a Human Services career. The Diploma programs range from 30 to 72 semester credits and focus primarily on technical courses. The two-year diploma includes a minimum of 11 semester credits of general education as well as the required technical credits. Caring for children and adults with disabilities is a challenging and rewarding experience. The Human Services Practitioner program prepares potential direct service workers with classroom theory and lab experiences plus an internship. It is designed for people working in the field or pursuing a direct service career. The program is designed to train individuals to provide residential, vocational, or education supports to people with disabilities in their communities. The courses are designed to meet the competencies identified in the National Skills Standards for Community Based Human Service Practitioners and National Health Care Skill Standards. All core courses are offered online at Alexandria Technical College, but provided through South Central College in Mankato, Minnesota. View more details on Alexandria Technical & Community College . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Human Science courses.

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