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Fine Art Ceramics - Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus

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Fine Art Ceramics Master from Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus details

Program Format: Campus Program Level: Master

Fine Art Ceramics from Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus is a Campus Master Ceramic degree that prepares you for a Art and Design career. The Master of Fine Arts degree in Art requires a minimum of 60 semester hours of graduate work beyond the bachelor's degree. The objective of this degree is to provide advanced study in concentration: ceramics . A bachelor's degree from a college or university recognized by ASU is required. All students applying for the MFA degree must submit to the graduate coordinator a portfolio of 20 slides of their work (or a video or other format acceptable to the area of specialization) with a return envelope and postage. A CD-ROM disk containing 20 JPEG files or 20 images assembled as a PDF document is also acceptable.Three letters of recommendation, a current r?sum?, and a statement of intent pertaining to the student's educational objectives are also required. Because each area of specialization may have unique requirements, students are advised to contact the School of Art for additional information. Program of Study A minimum of 60 to 63 semester hours of graduate credit subject to committee approval is required, including 1. from 27 to 32 graduate studio semester hours in the major area(s) of concentration (with the exception of digital technology where 18 semester hours are ART classes and 18 semester hours are AME classes); 2. six semester hours of graduate-level art history and three semester hours of other interdisciplinary graduate credit to supplement MFA work (nonstudio courses), except for digital technology, which requires six semester hours of ARS; 3. nine semester hours of graduate-level course work outside of the major area of concentration, of which three semester hours must begin with the ART prefix and the remaining six semester hours may be outside the School of Art (except for digital technology, which requires nine semester hours of electives in the School of Art and Arts Media and Engineering); and 4. 10 to 15 hours of ART 680 Practicum, resulting in an MFA exhibition (except for digital technology, where six hours will be ART 680 and six hours will be AME 593). View more details on Arizona State University . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Ceramic courses.

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