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Baking and Pastry - Baker College of Coldwater

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Certificate

Baking and Pastry from Baker College of Coldwater is a Campus Certificate Baking degree that prepares you for a Vocational Programs career. The one-year Baking and Pastry Certificate is designed to prepare graduates for employment in retail deli-bakeries, fine dining restaurants, pastry and bakery shops, commercial baking, and hotel and resort bake shops. This program provides a combination of extensive classroom hands-on training, work experience, and classroom study to prepare students in the baking and pastry field. Successful graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce and obtain positions such as assistant pastry chefs , assistant bakers , head bakers, lead bakers , wedding cake decorators, and executive pastry chefs. Students receive extensive training in the development and preparation of breads, pies, pastries, cookies, petit fours, specialty breads and pastries, fruit bars, tortes, centerpieces, wedding cakes, and international desserts. View more details on Baker College of Coldwater . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Baking courses.

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