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Acting - Professional - Chattanooga State Technical Community College

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Certificate

Acting - Professional from Chattanooga State Technical Community College is a Campus Certificate Acting degree that prepares you for a Art and Design career. The Acting : Professional program is designed for students who desire to pursue a career in theatre, film and television. Technical Certificate in Acting : Professional Admission is by by successful completion of technical certificate in Acting : Advanced. All courses in this course are co-requisites. Acting IV (THEA 2120) Deepening awareness and the relationship between the internal and the external. Scene analysis and its application. Exploration of classical texts beginning with Chekhov. The scene study/acting technique work culminates in a performance project. Improvisation IV (THEA 2525) Deepen focus and spontaneity. Intuit story structure. Exploration of long-form improvisation, Story Theatre, and performance. Movement IV (THEA 2235) Introduction to social dances of the Elizabethan era and the 19th and 20th centuries dances including jazz, tap, and musical theatre. Voice and Speech IV (THEA 2420) Work on freeing regionalisms and faulty enunciation. Linking voice to text. Study and performance of monologues from Shakespeare. Production IV (THEA 2320) Publicity and front of house. The business of acting including photos, resumes, auditioning techniques, monologues for auditions, and how to market yourself as an actor. View more details on Chattanooga State Community College . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Acting courses.

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