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Computer Programming - Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Certificate

Computer Programming from Greater Altoona Career and Technology Center is a Campus Certificate Programming degree that prepares you for a IT career. This course is structured to prepare the student for either entry-level employment into a variety of rapidly growing computer careers or continuing education at a post-secondary level. Throughout the three or four year course, the student will be introduced to many computer concepts including: flowcharting, structured programming , programming for the Internet, and the programming languages COBOL, RPG, SQL, and Visual BASIC. The first-year students will receive a wide spectrum of general computer concepts that will build a solid foundation from which to continue. In the remaining years, the student will have access to a challenging, project-based curriculum known as the Oracle Academy. By learning these latest information technology skills, students can gain valuable experience and knowledge that prepares them for college and beyond. The Academy provides students with an opportunity to master skills that are in high demand in today's competitive work environment. In addition, when the student completes the requirements of the Academy, an Oracle Certification Exam may be taken. Upon successful completion of this exam, the student will have demonstrated a high level of competence earning industry-recognized credentials that help distinguish proven performers. View more details on Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Programming courses.

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