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I'm trying to renew my cosmetology license, and it's been over 3 years. Can I take a refresher course to get me ready for the restoration exam. Why do I need to do to restore my cosmetology license?

asked on June, 2013 by anonymous

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So, basically you just need some course in order to refresh your preparation, isn't it? Did you practice as a cosmetologist it the past 3 years? I thing you can easily find both online and offline refresh courses. For starting you can try by browsing the refresh programs here: Regarding your question about why do you need to renew your cosmetology license, the short answer is that this is required by the law! Every state has it's own regulations regarding this mater. The renewal of the license is needed in order to reassure the potential customer that is in the good hands of a competent professional cosmetologist. Good luck with your license renewing!

answered 1 day ago by anonymous
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Cosmetology + Cosmetologist, General Certificate from Louisiana Technical College - T H Harris Campus details

Program Format: Campus Program Level: Certificate

Cosmetology + Cosmetologist, General from Louisiana Technical College - T H Harris Campus is a Campus Certificate Cosmetology degree that prepares you for a Vocational Programs career. A program that generally prepares individuals to cut, trim, and style scalp, facial, and body hair; apply cosmetic preparations; perform manicures and pedicures; massage the head and extremities; and prepare for practice as licensed cosmetologists in specialized or full-service salons. Includes instruction in hair cutting and styling, manicuring, pedicuring, facial treatments, shampooing, chemical applications, esthetics, shop management, sanitation and safety, customer service, and applicable professional and labor laws and regulations. View more details on Louisiana Technical College - T H Harris Campus . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Cosmetology courses.

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External Questions:
Which cosmetology schools have the best reviews?

Im researching cosmetology schools to find the best one that gives me the most for my money. Which schools do you recommend?? I have an interest in Virginia Farrell because it is close to work and home but I have heard some bad reviews. Any responses are appreciated.

asked by: Pat

Answer: If you want to become a cosmetologist, you can attend a cosmetology school or a beauty school. Cosmetology schools are institutions that teach you how to provide professional beauty treatments. Cosmetology students have to study seriously. They will learn about cutting and styling hair, giving facials, chemical coloring, perming, and a lot more. Some cosmetology schools offer a general curriculum program while others place greater emphasis on a particular specialty such as skin care or nail technology. The best cosmetology schools will prepare you to work in the real world by providing plenty of practical, hands-on experience. The best cosmetology schools prepare their students to acquire a cosmetology license and become professional cosmetologists, hairdressers, nail technicians and the like. Professional cosmetologists can work in beauty salons, barber shops, retail stores, wellness clinics or resorts. A typical course in cosmetology schools ranges from 1,200 to 2,100 hours. A general curriculum program at reputable cosmetology schools includes education in CPR and first aid, chemistry, nutrition, anatomy and physiology. Students may also receive supplementary training in business issues and client communications skills. A complete course in cosmetology takes 10 to 12 months. Tuition depends on the cosmetology school, and can be from $2,500 to $8.000. Many cosmetology schools offer scholarship grants and financial aid to deserving students who require financial

answerd by: Robert

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How long does it take to become a cosmetologist?(beautician)?

I am currently working on my degree in early childhood education. But I also want to have some side careers too because I want to be financially stable.I want to be able to spend my retirement comfortably.I also want to be married and have 10 children so I will need lots of money. I want to be a preschool teacher and own my own daycare down the line. I also want to be a famous writer,freelance artist,freelance photographer,have my own at home sweet shop,and have my own at home toiletry business. I'm still debating if I want to earn a cosmetology license and a massage therapy license too.I'm still debating if I want to be a cosmetologist and massage therapist on the side.I would operate from my home. How long are most cosmetology programs?

asked by: Kate-Ann

Answer: Wow, you have a lot of big goals and dreams! Good for you. :) How long a cosmetology program takes depends on a few factors. First, your state licensing requirements. I don't know what state you're in, so I linked to the state-by-state cosmetology licensing requirements so you can see how many hours your program would require. Then, it depends on whether you go full-time or part-time. It also depends on which program you choose - general cosmetology, hairstyling, esthetics/skincare, etc. Full cosmetology programs can be competed in less than two years, whereas programs in nail technology or esthetics can often be completed within six months. Anyway, I included links below that I think you'll find helpful. Cosmetology licensing requirements by state, common questions and answers about cosmetology education and careers, and then the most legit site out there to find cosmetology schools in your area. You can request free information from any of the schools that look like a good fit right through the site. Good luck!

answerd by: Heather P

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Should I go to college just so I have a backup career?

I want to be a cosmetologist and they only have community colleges,which i don't want to go to. So im just gonna go to a actual beauty school. Should i go to college just so i can have a backup plan if my cosmetology career doesn't go so well?

asked by: Stephanie C

Answer: It's up to you. In general, cosmetology is a fairly solid career choice. The downside is that you'll quickly hit a "Glass Ceiling" where you will never make much more money than you make after a year or two. Even owners of salons rarely make over $80,000 a year on cosmetology services alone. At this point, a business degree will give you a great advantage. In other words, you should be able to make $25-40k per year consistently, but without knowing much about business, you're very unlikely to make much more than that. It never hurts to have a business degree.

answerd by: BobberKnob

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How long does it take to become a cosmetology teacher or a hair stylist?

How long does it take to become a cosmetology teacher or a hair stylist? Im interested in starting a career in cosmetology aether as a teacher or a hair stylist. How much does a hair stylist make in a year? and how much does a hair stylist teacher make in a year? how long does it take to obtain the license or degree needed at marinello school of beauty? I live in Hollydale , California

asked by: d:)

Answer: Hey there. What state do you live in? The requirements to become a cosmetology instructor vary from one state to the next - some require more experience in the field than others. Most require that you are already a licensed cosmetologist. Most require practical and theory training, and can take 600 to 750 hours on top of your regular cosmetology training for hairstyling. I included a link to the state-by-state licensing requirements below. How long it will take you to complete your licensing will depend on how many hours your state requires, and whether you go to school full time or part time. How much a hairstylist and cosmetology teacher make per year is also dependent on what state and metro area you live in, but general, the NACCAS and United States Department of Labor both say that salon professionals can average up to $50,000 per year including tips. I linked to that info below, too. The last link I included is Beauty Schools Directory, where you can find different beauty schools in your area - as well as more information about Marinello.

answerd by: Heather P

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Cosmetology Courses? Can I just take the courses that I want to pursue in?

Okay I just want to become a makeup artist, or be able to do hair and eyebrows...but how long would it take? Can I choose what I want to learn how to do? Will it only take a year or 6 months to graduate with that degree? because im planning to do this on the side with my other career. Im clueless in this subject, so any advice would be appreciated! Thank you! :)

asked by: 3єѕѕєт 3αѕнє2ღ™

Answer: In order to become a licensed hairstylist (and makeup artist), one needs to attend cosmetology school. If the person solely wants to do makeup, then a skin care/esthetician program may suffice. Most programs for cosmetology take about nine or ten months. With schooling, please forgo those private overpriced For-profit tech schools such as 'paul mitchell, the school', 'aveda institute', 'toni guy', 'empire beauty', 'marinello', 'regency' and others and instead consider the more affordable County Vo-Tech school or Community College as long as the program is at least accredited with the state board of cosmetology. For general career info: and can search 'barbers and cosmetologists' or such. U.S. colleges (including community colleges):

answerd by: jannsody

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thinking of opening my own salon..?

and i have a couple of questions. should i get my bachelors in business first? should i pursue dental hygiene first, just to save up money to open my salon? and then jump to cosmetology? or go to business? or should i just jump into cosmetology and open up a salon after?

asked by: xAlmondJoy

Answer: General advice is to work for someone else for a few years. Let them pay for your mistakes. Use that time to learn how the business works. Offer to do extra tasks that teach you a broader range of skills than you would get as a cosmetologist. Do your research. Find out what it's going to cost. One of the major sources of business failures is undercapitalization. Make sure you know where the money is going to come from or you'll be finished before you start. If you're thinking of a degree, look for a school that offers classes or a degree program in entrepreneurialism. You'll get a broader exposure to more disciplines than a straight "business" degree. Don't be in a hurry. Learn the ropes first. Good luck.

answerd by: Craig R

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Good cosmetology schools in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, or Idaho?

I know...random states, but my husband is looking to go into PhD programs in all of these states and I am interested in attending a cosmetology school wherever we end up. I would like to go to a school that is ATS accredited and has an Associates degree in specialized areas and not just a general "cosmetology degree". I currently have a BA in Philosophy, but I am looking to possibly get into the wedding consulting business and feel that cosmetology would be a great service to offer and then build a consulting business on. Any possible school names would be appreciated

asked by: Kristin W

Answer: I don't know about the other states, but Utah has a FABULOUS one called Stacey's. It's in Ogden, but there might be another one in Salt Lake City. I've traveled around the US and have found that the cosmetologists trained at Stacey's were so much better at everything they did. They stay very up to date and teach you how be a good business manager over your own. Good luck with that!

answerd by: Harleygirl

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Beauty colleges in Atlanta, Ga?

Can anyone suggest a good beauty college in this area?? Im thinking about moving to attend school. Any suggestions would be helpful Thanks :)

asked by: Nikki

Answer: There are several schools in that area that offer degrees in cosmetology— the only problem is that you will need to shuffle through all of them to make sure that you find the perfect school that is going to be able to meet all of your educational and financial needs. Thus it would be best if you comprised a list of everything you are looking for in a school and then eliminate your options that way. To help you get started on qualifications that you should be looking for in a cosmetology school, consider investigating the following: accreditation, specific programs offered and specializations (i.e. hair cutting and styling; manicures and pedicures; makeup and skincare; spa treatment and facials etc.), length of the program, size of classes, teacher-student ratio, teacher's credentials, who graduated from that school (any well-known alumni?); name and status of school, and financial aid offered. With that said, here are some quality schools that I recommend: Paul Mitchell the School Atlanta, Roberts' School of Cosmetology and Empire Beauty School. For some general info about cosmetology school and what cosmetologists actually do, I suggest you click here:

answerd by: College Coach

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what is a profession that has a mix of cosmetology and nursing education?


asked by: have a nice life

Answer: Perhaps "medical" aesthetics which may involve performing deeper skin peels, microdermabrasion and other services. There is apparently no formal licensure for a medical aesthetician as opposed to an aesthetician alone, but those with an RN degree may be able to find more work at a dermatologist's office as someone else mentioned or such. Regarding cosmetology (and nursing), please forgo those private overpriced for-profit beauty/tech schools and instead consider the more Affordable county vo-tech school or community college as long as the program is accredited within the industry. For US colleges: General career info: and can search 'barbers and cosmetologists', 'registered nurses' or such.

answerd by: jannsody

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How valuable is a general associate degree if you do not go on to get your bachelor's?


asked by:

Answer: THE GOOD NEWS AND THE BAD NEWS CAVEAT: All college students are not ACADEMICALLY oriented. Some may care little for history, English, Sociology, Biology et al. This lack of interest in the traditional trivium/quadrivium base of knowledge does not indicate stupidity or any lack of intelligence relative to the students that pursue such academic avenues of study. Rather, some student's interests lie in more hands-on, VOCATIONAL, subjects such as eleccticy, mechanics, cosmetology, data-entry and health-related jobs such as LPN, RN, or NA. If you dont't believe this is the case, ask your dentist or lawyer to fix your automobile engine or ask your mechanic or cosmetologist to defend you in court or do a root canal on you. First the bad news. Honestly, an Associate Degree is not a great deal of good at all if you want to use it for your ACADEMIC level of qualification for most jobs. It looks good that you are educated in the general studies but if you don't plan on going for your BA, I would get a AAS degree which studies a certain field like a job study. A general degree AA, is just the basic math, english and science. Now for the good news. A great many jobs are not "academic" in nature and an Associate Degree in a VOCATIONAL field from an accreddited Community/Junior/On-line College is very valuable to employers. Vocational instructors often have close contacts with local businesses and industries who serve on their curriculum advisory boards and offer suggestions for new

answerd by: Array

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How do I tell my mom I don't want to go to college?

I realize college is important and that getting a good education is paramount in life, but I just want to be a beutician. Im ranked 5th in my class, have never gotten below a B on a report card, and have gotten a total of 40,000 dollars in scholarships so I know she will be uber dissapointed. She has looked foreward to my attending the same college she did all my life. How can I do that to her? How can I break her heart? Beauticians do go to college but it isn't like university

asked by: Mandy : )

Answer: If your heart is set on becoming a beautician, then by all means, follow your heart. However, do not think that becoming a beautician (now referred to as cosmetologist) is easy. It is so much more than cutting hair. There is also a high rate of leaving the profession within 5 years of starting. Getting a beautician's license requires at least one full year of college (usually at your local community college). That license requires a large amount of chemistry and anatomy & physiology courses - in addition to the cosmetology curriculum. I would also strongly encourage you to spend a second year completing the general education courses for your associate's degree - along with some accounting classes. It will make running a business a little easier. Consider getting your nail technician's license along with the cosmetology degree. It will enhance your income and employability. You should be able to use some of your scholarships to pay for this education - unless specifically granted for your mother's alma matre. Good luck - and be happy!

answerd by: JM

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Should i go to beauty school after college?

I want to become a cosmetologist, I love hair styling and design and all that. And the school I want to go to is Aveda Institute. I'm planning on going to community college after I'm done with it. I'm not sure if I want to open up my own salon or like a sephora, it just doesn't feel like my type, to own my own place. Anyways, Do you think it's a good idea to go to Aveda institute first and after I'm done, I should go to community college, or vice versa? Also, what do I major in if I should go to college? I'm wanting an associates(least) or bachelors degree at most, and mayyyybe master.

asked by: Bel

Answer: Most community colleges only have a two year plan and end up giving you an associates. Since cosmetology is more of a certification process, taking classes for six months or a year (just an example), you should focus on getting a major in something else you like, but has a very general focus and something to fall back on if you have a hard time getting a job. You CAN take a minor in cosmetology in community college and even at university level (if you want to pursue a bachelor's degree). But then, after completing your education, attending classes and schools for cosmetology would be the way to go. The major is up to you.

answerd by: Wallace

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