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Human Services Bachelor from Millikin University details

Program Format: Campus Program Level: Bachelor

Human Services from Millikin University is a Campus Bachelor Human Science degree that prepares you for a Human Services career. This major is designed to provide you with a cross-disciplinary perspective necessary for a beginning a career or graduate study in the fields of Social Work or Human Services. Social work practice consists of the professional application of social work values, principles, and techniques to: help people obtain tangible services; provide counseling and psychotherapy with individuals, families, and groups; help communities or groups provide or improve social and health services; and participate in legislative processes. The practice of social work requires knowledge of human development and behavior; of social and economic, and cultural institutions; and of the interaction of all these factors (NASW, 2003). Human Services is best characterized as \\\"systems of services and allied occupations and professions that concentrate on improving or maintaining the physical and mental health and general well-being of individuals, groups, or communities in our society. Human Services have been classified into \\\"four service categories: (1) personal services such as counseling, rehabilitation, recreation, religion, (2) protection services such as public health service, courts, law enforcement, consumer protection, fire fighting, (3) information or advising services such as financial counseling, hotlines, libraries, and (4) maintenance services such as child care, unemployment assistance, public welfare, Social Security programs\\\" (Zastrow, 2000). Human Services is distinguishable from Social Work in that it includes other social services (e.g., law enforcement, library services, housing code enforcement) as well as programs traditionally classified as social welfare services. Thus, Human Services is a broader field as it includes social welfare services as one of the many types of social services provided to individuals, groups, organizations, or communities. View more details on Millikin University . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Human Science courses.

Millikin University details

Millikin University address is 1184 W Main St, Decatur, Illinois 62522-2084. You can contact this school by calling (217) 424-6211 or visit the college website at .
This is a 4-year, Private not-for-profit, Baccalaureate Colleges--Diverse Fields according to Carnegie Classification. Religion Affiliation is Presbyterian Church (USA) and student-to-faculty ratio is 11 to 1. The enrolled student percent that are registered with the office of disability services is 3% or less .
Awards offered by Millikin University are as follow: Bachelor's degree Master's degree.
With a student population of 2,341 (2,258 undergraduate) and set in a City: Small, Millikin University services are: Academic/career counseling service Employment services for students Placement services for completers . Campus housing: Yes.
Tuition for Millikin University is . Type of credit accepted by this institution Dual credit Credit for life experiences Advanced placement (AP) credits . Most part of the informations about this college comes from sources like National Center for Education Statistics

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External Questions:
I want to get a Bachelor's degree in Social Work or Human Services?

I want to get a Bachelor's degree in Social Work or Human Services, but I want the best college or university affordable (not these online rip off degrees). I want to be able to take most of my classes online, since I'm a single parent and also work. I'm currently attending Hillsborough Community College, and take their online classes. I found it pretty easy at their school so far, I'm not the best student, and need the easiest possible school as well. Please give me your opinion based on personal experience.

asked by: Blondie2012

Answer: Your needs are somewhat complex but I may be able to steer you in a right direction. There are free online services that allow you to enter a lot of information about yourself, then give you suggested colleges. It will then be up to you to go through the suggestions and see which ones have mostly online courses. One I use a lot is called College Matchmaker - it is a service of the College Board people [the SAT people]. Why don't you try that and see what comes up for you? the web address is below

answerd by: Prof. Cochise

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What jobs can you get with an associates degree in Human Services?

What jobs can you get with an associates degree in Human Services? What about a bachelors degree in psychology?

asked by: Morgan

Answer: Hi Morgan! According to this site it looks like "Undergraduate certificate and associate degrees in human services can prepare graduates for administrative roles and assistant clinical work in areas like social work and alcohol and substance abuse." I also found this article about what jobs you can get with a bachelors degree in psychology: Good luck! :)

answerd by: Annie

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associate in human services.?

I Will Be Competing MY Associate Degree In Human Services And Was Wondering Will I Be Able To Find A Job With This Degree. I Have Plans To Get A B.A. In Social Work But Not Sure If I Want T Keep Going To School. Can I Find A Job With My Associate Degree Or Should I Continue On With A B.A. In Social work

asked by: Lala

Answer: Neither an associate degree in human services nor a bachelor's degree in social work is likely to lead to a job. For a human services or social work career, a master's degree in social work is almost always necessary. You will need to make long term educational plans if you want a good career in this field. I have taken time to help you and request the courtesy of respect for my answer even if you find it disappointing.

answerd by: ownpool

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AAS in Human Services?

I am working to get an AAS in Human Services. I want to advance my studies later, but do you think i could find a decent job with that degree?

asked by: Elizabeth W

Answer: it really depends on what you mean by decent. I used to work in Case Management , which was in Human Services and I do have a degree in that field. You can find a job in social work. Looking and getting a job has to do with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work. I worked in case management for almost 2 years. Also, as far as higher ed, you can move on to just about anything in terms of bachelors degree. currently, i work in a college, in financial aid, which does not have much to do with my degree. best of luck to you!

answerd by: SliccyVic

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Is getting a bachelors degree in human services worth it?


asked by: enji

Answer: That depends on what kind of career you want. In human services there are many different types of positions but the most interesting ones that pay well usually require a master's degree, which you can get only if you have already earned a bachelor's degree. If you are not certain that human services will be your final career choice, get a BA in psychology that will open a multitude of options for you and will be a good foundation for a master's or even a doctorate. You can now get a Psy.D. degree as well as the traditional Ph.D. in psychology. You can take the state exam for a licensed social worker with a BA in psych without having to do an MSW or BSW.

answerd by: jax1015

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Social work or human services?

I am so stressed out! I have to declare my college major in two days and I'm torn between Social Work and Human Services. Any advice or input would really help!!

asked by: wickedrules16

Answer: I'd choose Social Worker. A licensed social worker has excellent job opportunities and earning potential. With a masters in social work and a license, you will have many options for different kinds of employment throughout your life - a therapist, counselor, case manager, manager, advocate, etc. To get a better idea, go to an employment website and see all the jobs available for LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker.) If you get a BSW (bachelors in Social Work) you can apply for "Advanced Standing" to an MSW (Masters in Social Work) and get it in one year instead of two. This is the only undergraduate degree you can get this advanced standing with. You may not think you want to go on for a masters degree, but this way you would be well set up to do so if you change your mind. Human Services is an interesting degree, too, but there is not a licensed profession called "Human Services." Social Workers are much more employable. Best of luck!

answerd by: Kate

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Human Services Degree?

What jobs can I get with an associates in human services?

asked by:

Answer: With only an Associate Degree, you will be very limited. I strongly suggest that you turn that Associate Degree into a Bachelor Degree, because it will open a few more doors; however, even a Bachelor Degree will still leave you limited. Anyway, with an Associate Degree you are now able to work any job that needs a Qualified Behavioral Aide. So, you could look at being a Basic Skills Trainer, Day Treatment Aide, and Behavioral Health Aide. If you complete a Bachelor Degree you can do any of the jobs listed above as well as Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist, Mental Health Aide, Direct Care Provider for the Developmentally Disabled, and Day Treatment Facilitator. You will need a Master Degree to become a therapist.

answerd by: Dorothy K.

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What careers could I have with a Human Services degree?

I am in school studying for my associates in liberal arts and then I plan to attend a four year college to get my bachelors. I was planning on going for just social work but now I am thinking that a Human Services degree will give me more career choices. Could I still be a social worker if I went to get my bachelors in human services? Also, I am always interested in human behavior and so if I wanted to minor in something related to that, should it be psychology? Sorry so many questions.

asked by: Orange is not a skin tone honey... ♥♥

Answer: Lots of paths are open to a Human Services major ... social work, psychology, arts administration, pastor, health care administration, some kinds of teaching, human resources (personnel) work in business, sales, insurance adjuster, politics, to name just a few. Do you know somebody you admire in human services? Ask their advice.

answerd by: Ollie

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What can I do with an associates degree in Human Services?

I currently have no experience in the Human Services field but I will have some before I get my degree this year because I have to do a internship before I get my degree. Also, I plan to get my bachelor's degree in behavioral science once I am done with my associates degree. What kind of jobs can I get with these two degrees? Can anyone help me PLEASE?

asked by: sexy B

Answer: I've had my Associate's in Human Services for 15 years, and to be honest, with just an Associate's, there is really nothing much you can do...especially with no experience. In Human Services, they like the degree, but experience is much more important.. So I would suggest finding a part time job or volunteering. You will most definitely need the experience even more than the degree. Some things you can do: Work in a homeless shelter as an aide, group home for the mentally retarded, day care centers for either adults or children, work with immigrants... Even with a bachelor's degree, they are likely to choose someone with years of experience over someone with a degree only. Your best bet, if you plan to work in Human Services is to get your Master's.

answerd by: Sarah

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I am getting an associate degree in human service technology will this qualify me to work at an adoption agenc

I would like to work at an adoption agency or with foster kids will the assosiates degree in human service technology assistant be enough or will i have to go for another degree ? also what major would i look at to get a bachelors degree in human service related issues

asked by: BooBoo

Answer: If they have a position that requires only an associates degree. I think that most would require at minimum a bachelors degree and if you are doing a family assessment probably a masters. Possible degrees: Human Services, Social Work, Sociology, Pyschology. There maybe others.

answerd by: professorc

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