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Biological Sciences Microbiology - Ohio University - Main Campus

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Bachelor

Biological Sciences Microbiology from Ohio University - Main Campus is a Campus Bachelor Microbiology degree that prepares you for a Science career. The Department of Biological Sciences provides a program for undergraduate majors who are interested in microbiology . This program provides the necessary background and extensive lab experience to pursue a variety of careers in the areas of: research and product development (e.g. immunology, vaccines, antimicrobials, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology), food and water quality control, microbial ecology, and clinical laboratory science. Graduates of this program are also prepared for further graduate studies in medicine, dentistry, optometry, public health, microbiology, or molecular biology. With current interest and advances in molecular biology and genetics, emerging pathogens, such as HIV and food-borne illness, the career opportunities and outlook are very good. Students in this program are encouraged to participate in research opportunities their junior-senior years to prepare for a successful career in research and development. View more details on Ohio University - Main Campus . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Microbiology courses.

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