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Latin American Studies - Pierce College

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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Associate

Latin American Studies from Pierce College is a Campus Associate Latin American Studies degree that prepares you for a Liberal Arts career. The considerable value of an understanding of Latin America is generally evident today. The Latin American Studies Program offers a broad and flexible interdisciplinary approach designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of Latin America. The curriculum leads to the Associate in Arts degree with a major in Latin American studies that transfers to private and public four-year colleges and universities. This major can lead to careers in government, foreign service, law, international business, journalism and many other fields after obtaining the Bachelor of Arts and/or Master of Arts degrees. The following areas of knowledge are central to the Associate?s degree in Latin American studies: knowledge and understanding of the major historical, cultural, social, political, and economic problems facing the Latin American community; knowledge of chief historical factors that gave rise to existing institutions and processes; an informed awareness of literature, art, and music in Latin America, including familiarity with the work of several recognized Latin American artists and authors. In addition, students completing the degree in Latin American studies are expected to acquire; reading and speaking ability in Spanish; the ability to engage in thoughtful dialogue about Latin America with educated Latin Americans; the ability to locate Latin American ideas, historical events, and cultural phenomena in the Latin American context from which they originate; and the ability to communicate competently in effective English prose. View more details on Los Angeles Pierce College . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Latin American Studies courses.

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