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Legal Administrative Assistant - Alexandria Technical College

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Legal Administrative Assistant Associate from Alexandria Technical College details

Program Format: Campus Program Level: Associate

Legal Administrative Assistant from Alexandria Technical College is a Campus Associate Law degree that prepares you for a Legal career. The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degrees range from 64 to 85 credits and include at least 18 semester credits of general education. Students must select courses from at least three goal areas of the MnTC. The Legal Administrative Assistant program focuses on a variety of legal principles including civil and criminal litigation, probate and estate planning, real estate law, family law, business organizations in Minnesota, debtor/creditor law, bankruptcy, and legal research. Advanced legal principles are addressed in the third and fourth semester of instruction and include trial preparation, appellate procedure, and law office management. Students may alternatively choose to enroll in the three-semester, forty five credit Legal Secretary program or the two-semester, twenty eight-credit Legal Receptionist certifi cate program. View more details on Alexandria Technical & Community College . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Law courses.

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