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Program Format: Campus Program Level: Certificate

Plumbing & Heating Technology from Schuylkill Technology Centers is a Campus Certificate Engineering General degree that prepares you for a Engineering career. Plumbing & Heating Technology is a 1080 hour program. Plumbers, pipefitters and heating technicians install and maintain pipe systems used in water, waste disposal, drainage, gas, heating and ventilating systems. This program emphasizes both theory and hands-on experience in a variety of situations encountered on the job. Students will learn to install, repair, and maintain a variety of piping systems. They will also learn troubleshooting and maintenance techniques for plumbing fixtures, appliances, heating, and specialized equipment. PLUMBING FUNDAMENTALS I ~ 90hr/3cr Includes history of plumbing, plumbing codes, piping procedures, safety, blueprints and care, and use of various basic hand tools. PIPING FUNDAMENTALS I ~ 90hr/3cr Includes identification, proper use, hands-on joining installation of various types of pipes and fittings. PLUMBING FUNDAMENTALS II ~ 90hr/3cr Identify problems in plumbing systems and install equipment to heat, purify and clean potable water, and make systems safe. PIPING FUNDAMENTALS II ~ 90hr/3cr Various techniques used in joining copper, plastic, and iron pipes including bending and supporting. BASIC FIXTURES & APPLIANCES ~ 180hr/6cr Basic fixtures and appliances used in standard building or structures. ADVANCED FIXTURES & APPLIANCES ~ 180hr/6cr Various techniques, methods, and layouts of standard and specialized plumbing systems. HYDRONIC WIRING ~ 90hr/3cr Wiring techniques, schematics, and hydronic controls used in hydronic heating. HYDRONIC BOILER INSTALLATION & SERVICE ~ 90hr/3cr Piping and servicing various types of hydronic heating boilers. HYDRONIC HEATING SYSTEMS INSTALLATION & SERVICE ~ 180hr/6cr Identify, service, and install hydronic heating systems. View more details on Schuylkill Technology Center . Ask your questions and apply online for this program or find other related Engineering General courses.

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